Saturday, 1 December 2012

Blogmas day 1: Advent Calendar

So, as promised I am hopefully going to be blogging everyday until the 25th December! My life can actually be pretty boring but I am going to mix it up a bit with what I'm up to, tags, thoughts etc
However, as well as today being the 1st Decemeber and therefore it's officially the Christmas season, it's also the first time in 3 years that I've had an advent calendar! 2 years ago, I had a grape every morning as a way of counting down until Christmas day(that actually makes me laugh now!). I've gone for the good ol' Cadbury's milk chocolate advent calendar, if you were wondering - definitely a nice treat to wake up to in the morning. I actually wanted a white chocolate one, but couldn't fine one :( However, I did get Santa shape today, which was cute :') Just out of interest, does everyone who has a Cadbury's advent calendar get the same shape each day? Let me know if you had this too!

I am working today but last night the lights were switched on and there was a fair so hopefully it will still be there today and the atmosphere will be in full swing!
Have a great day!

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melrose said...

Yay! I love love the Christmas season, it's the best!
What a difference haha from grapes to chocolates seems much better though!
Have a great day as well xx

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