Thursday, 15 November 2012

The perks of having an illness!

So, I guess the title of this post is a little confusing, and some of you may be sat there thinking 'what the hell?'. However, there are definitely some things that I actually thank my illness for.
The main thing is actually the online community. I am overwhelmed with the amount of support there is on here and twitter. Sometimes, during a depressive episode I can convince myself no one cares and I'm not worthy etc but I've found that coming online and talking to people I've met is the best pick me up - especially two people in particular!
Firstly, and I've mentioned her before is a girl named Amy. She is the most amazing girl I've had the pleasure to talk to, and without Anorexia, I'd never have had this opportunity.  She also suffers from mental health problems but uses those to help and support others. She has recently set up a new youtube channel to go along with her blog, addressing mental health issues and they are really inspiring. I'd love it if you had a look at both of those as you'd benefit from her advice, whether you have a mental illness or not :) Without this girl, I know I'd be far worse off.
Another quick mention, is Josie who also keeps a great fashion/health blog (check her out too!). She has cystic fibrosis but refuses to let it get her down and I find that truly amazing! It's really fascinating to actually learn about how intense and detailed it is! And in a strange way, we have a lot in common as we both have to gain weight. I've only recently really spoken to her properly, but she is so kind and genuine!
She is the reason for this post actually. Last night we got talking about Christmas, and being ill really does make you appreciate the small things in life. If someone asked me what I wanted for Christmas, the ONE and only thing I'd truly ask for, is to have a day free from counting calories and thinking about how much weight I've lost/gained.
A few years ago, I'd have wanted the latest gadget, perfume, clothes. Now, I honestly don't care. If someone buys me a piece of chewing gum, I'd be MUCH happier because they know I turn to that if I'm feeling rubbish! 

I have 'grown up' so much since being diagnosed with this. I really do prefer the small things in life now, and when you look, it's actually a much more positive way of experiencing life :)



I couldn't agree more. There is always good in the bad, beauty in suffering. We are s.i.c.k. but these illnesses/disorders is what connects us together.
(stole this from another blog)
^This is why I have found the online community to be overwhelming as well, there are so many lovely people here. We are all in common fighting for something better.
I think you are wonderful dispite your illness but also because of it, all my love xx

whatiknownow said...

Aw, thank you so much!
Are you on twitter? xx

Amy-Louise said...

Loving your point 'melrose' couldn't be closer to the truth if you tried! :D
Excellent post as always, Sam, so proud of you! xxx

Josie said...

This is a lovely post! I feel EXACTLY the same way about blogging, I'm so glad I started a blog and I'm glad you did too! It's so great that you're seeing some positives in something negative SUCH a good attitude to have. I hope you get your Christmas wish, that'd be so great!
Thank you for the mention, you inspire me just as much with your positivity! (Is that a word? You know what I'm saying anyway!) It's so amazing how you've faced your worries (such as uni and things) it proves to yourself that you're getting there gal :) xxxx


:] I do have an account, not much activity though. @melrose024

whatiknownow said...

Ohh i can't find you :( xx

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