Thursday, 22 November 2012

Doing too much?

So, I'm doing a full time degree, working my days off, and now I'm chucking in 8-12 hours of rehearsals for a Christmas show I'm going to be in, in 3 weeks. In between all of that, I'm actually being a 'normal' human.. fitting in assignments, christmas shopping, food shopping, laundry.. I AM KNACKERED.
A few weeks ago, I auditioned for the University musical society, expecting nothing. I haven't performed properly since May because it's just too tiring for me. I love singing and it's a huge shame when I think about it, that an eating disorder took away my biggest passion in life. However, I actually got in!
But, now I'm doubting whether I should actually be doing it.. yet. We only have 3 weeks to put a show together. That's no time at all! I went to rehearsal last night, after an 8 hour shift at work and I could have fallen asleep standing up. I came back wanting to go to bed, to find I couldn't sleep! One thing I do love about Uni, is that there is ALWAYS something going on. Despite being really annoyed that I was kept up, it's slightly amusing - a drunk girl smashed her best mate's flat window?! I swear that kinda thing only happens at Uni. 
Anyway, it just makes me wonder whether I should be taking things more slowly? Everything is going right for once, and sure, I was overwhelmed and really grateful to have been given a place in the show, but I don't want to let them down. 
I also don't want my degree to suffer because I'm too tired to write a lab report!
I'm actually going to try and get some sleep tonight - if someone keeps me awake, I'll be smashing their window in, myself ;)
On a lighter note, I'm getting really excited for December! I've bought a Christmas jumper already (but won't wear it until the 1st haha!). Also, I think I'm going to try and participate in blogmas. 25 days of my run up to Christmas - what do you think? :)


HannahStudentLife said...

Tell me about it! Although, I still find the time to nap every day ;) You get used to it after a while! xx

Tanya Beetham said...

Oooh, Blogmas? I like the sound of this! I may participate too! CHRISTMAS JUMPER LOVE too!! Me and my sisters are all going to get matching ones this year. Definitely feeling in the festive spirit already.
As for your time issue - feeling you on that one. I feel like it's all about the balance, and that's a very individual thing - see what you can and can't manage and take it from there :) Only you are the best judge of that! Xxx


That sounds so exciting, and like things are going petty good for you! I think you'll know if you're too stressed or overwhelmed, but do watch out for that and take care.
Blogmass? I don't know what that is but since it sounds like Christmas, I say yes ;]
Much love, rest well xx

whatiknownow said...

I've got my brother a matching one! And I'll make him wear it on Christmas day too ;) Thank you! xx

whatiknownow said...

Basically posting something every day in December up until the 25th! Thoughts/feelings/events :) Thank you lovely xxx

whatiknownow said...

Haha, I always love your responses! Thank you :) xx

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