Monday, 12 November 2012

BOND launch event

So, tonight I attended my first event as a VIK for YoungmindsUK, in Liverpool. The event was the launch of BOND which is a project for early intervention mental health services in schools. It aims to bring people together - voluntary organisations, doctors, schools, counsellors etc as the sooner intervention occurs, the better. BOND aims to identify what is already out there, such as CAMHs, and will try and improve the services already out there using workshops, coaching sessions and learning groups. The more people know about mental health, the less stigma there will be and the more people will know how to help sufferers.
Tonight, I went along as a VIK and firstly met two lovely girls - Jo and Lisa. Initially, this is why I went along. I have never really met anyone with a mental illness and I've always thought that helping and supporting people is vital. It was really good to hear about their experiences with Youngminds and why they got involved.
The 3 of us were there representing Youngminds, and had a idea's tree in which politicians and psychologists (basically, important people!) wrote down what they thought could be improved within the education sector and why this project is important. There was lots of wine flowing, speeches made, and many other charities, such as Barnado's, there supporting the launch.
Liverpool is the 2nd area to undergo this launch, as there are 5 pilot areas - Cambridgeshire, Staffordshire and South West London will be the other 3.
Ultimately, I think this is a fantastic project. The stigma regarding mental needs to be reduced. The more we know about it, the less people will suffer because they will ask for help. And the sooner this is done, the easier the recovery will be! Many children hide away because they fear embarrassment or humiliation, and it makes it worse. I am 100% behind this project. If it just helps one child, it is definitely worth it.



That is so lovely and fantastic! <3

Unknown said...

Hi Samantha

It was great to meet you there. I only just found out that you wrote about the BOND project in Knowsley, Sefton and Liverpool. Thankyou!

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