Friday, 21 September 2012

Saying Goodbye

I never thought I'd imagined that saying 'goodbye' to loved ones, would be this hard. I am usually made of stone and rarely cry. But I've now seen my two best friends for the last time, and at the end of each evening - I full on broke down for at least 20 minutes! They were both so lovely, buying my gifts but the best thing I can always ask from, from those two people, is their company - it is priceless. I know I'll stay in touch and see them but knowing they are no longer on my doorstep is going to be difficult!
From the lady who has basically saved my life!
Presents from work :')

I've also worked my last shift at WHSmith! I managed to keep it together, but my boss cried! It was sooo cute, bless him :-( I received a card signed by everyone and a River Island voucher and sweets (which I am determined to actually eat!). Although everyone hates their job, I had more of a love/hate relationship with mine. Endless lottery problems, difficult customers and screaming self checkouts were always made better by TPC (till point conversation) competitions with colleagues, laughing about top shelf magazines and being with, people who are now my friends. I really will miss it there because although I hate to admit it, it sometimes gave me a reason to get out of bed that day. My closest colleague also gave me a bracelet and card, which are both so beautiful!
Gifts from by best friend + colleague
I have also officially packed now, so all that awaits is Sunday! I am really excited now too and in a good place.. I only get one shot at Fresher's week and refuse to let any eating disorder stop me from having a good time. I have to put weight on at some point, so maybe now's the time? A new home, new friends, new experiences and a new path to recovery


Josie said...

Everyone sounds so lovely, although it was super sad to say goodbye next time you see them will be even more special! Bless your boss, that's so sweet!
I hope a kind of fresh start is the start of loads of good things for you, even if it takes time. It's not fair that an illness could ruin it, I'm really really hoping next week is as amazing as you deserve it fo sho! xxx

whatiknownow said...

Thank you so much! I shall keep you updated with pictures ;)
I hope your job is going well too xxxx

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