Monday, 24 September 2012

Quick Uni Post!

So, I've moved into my new home for the next year and it honestly couldn't have gone any better! I've met the most amazing girls and love every single one on my corridor. There is a lovely girl doing the same course as me, living opposite. A girl who I met before on facebook, who is really motherly :-) A girl who is outgoing  and doesn't care about what people think of her, but it also respectful too, and there are some quieter ones who are just so kind!
Before I go to sleep (as I'm supposed to be somewhere at 9am - wtf?!), I wanted to show you my new room and flat mates! We have been out to the club but decided to have an earlyish night, as we've been up since 6am! 
My new crib ;) 

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Courtney Marie said...

Glad your having a lovely time! looks really good :)
Courtney xx

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