Wednesday, 15 August 2012


For those of you who don't know, tomorrow is A-Level results day. Thousands of students will be finding out whether or not they have been granted a place at university, and are currently doing everything they can to distract themselves from thinking about opening that envelope tomorrow (myself included!).
But, after 8 weeks of reflection, I've come to realise that whatever happens tomorrow, I have to be proud of myself - University place or not. As someone who suffers from mental illness, I am the typical perfectionist. I expect the best - even when it is actually unattainable! The pressure I have previously put on myself has been off the scale, and I'm sure many other sufferers can relate to that. I want to achieve the best. I want to please my family and friends - make them proud. 
8 weeks ago, if you told me to imagine the worst case scenario - which would be not achieving the grades I need - I would have said it's just not an option. I could not happen, and that was that. Now, I believe that even sitting those exams in the first place is a huge achievement for me, and I should be proud with whatever outcome. I was actually at my worst during exam season, and seriously thinking about it, I have no idea how I managed to get up let alone anything else.
However, now I'm beginning to realise that if I don't get into uni, the world won't end for me. It won't end for anyone else who may not get in either, because let's face it, there are other options. You can re-do the year, do a different degree, go through clearing etc. The possibilities are endless and who knows, life might turn out better! We are not defined by our academic grades, there is so much more to life than that. Family, friends, our personal interests.. they matter so much more than any letter on a piece paper does. If everyone achieved A grades, the world would be a pretty dull place. We need diversity to create more interest within society! I personally wouldn't want to live in a place where everyone is moulded into a prim and proper academic. 
I'm not saying that I won't be disappointed tomorrow, if things don't go according to plan, but I am saying it's not the end of the world. I will still be the same person. I will still have the same friends and family, and so will every other student expecting results. 
We can't change anything now so there really is no point in worrying all day, today. As long as you did your best, then that's all you could have done - and really, that's all that matters.


HannahStudentLife said...

And you got in! Well done!
I bet you'll be out celebrating tonight, either the awkward 'but mum, I wanted to go out with my friends tonight, not for a family meal', or leaving the family meal and going with your friends. Harsh times! xx

whatiknownow said...

Haha, thank you! Yeah, I will be out celebrating with friends tonight :-) After all, you don't get a-level results everyday! xx

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