Monday, 23 July 2012

One week

So, this week my step sister is off work. For certain reasons, I hate eating in front of her. This is partly because she has a tendency to comment on what I'm eating or, more often than not, what I'm not eating. I remember vividly one time, during some of the worst days, that I wanted a cheeseburger - and had one - but was faced with 'Oh my god, you never eat anything unhealthy. Are you feeling ok?'. Ironically, I must have been feeling much better that day, until that point.
So, as she's off work this week my new eating patterns are rapidly disappearing.. and it's only Monday afternoon! Maybe I'll just eat in my room and become an unsociable recluse! Ha - my brain is completely crazy. I am just hoping this week flies by :-(
On a brighter note, it's nice to see some sun! I have spent today reading 'Bared to you' by Sylvia Day (a bit of a spin off from the 50 Shades trilogy). I don't think it's too brilliant but you may enjoy it if you were obsessed by Christian Grey! Let me know what you think, if you decide to read it. I have rediscovered my love for books whilst having nothing to do and I'm currently awaiting an Amazon delivery ;-) I love being able to lose myself in a good story and forgetting about the real world for a few hours. It's a shame reality is never as good!
Anyway, I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine. After all, it may not last long! I hope you all have a good week

Do you have any good book suggestions? How are you enjoying this glorious weather?

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