Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Nail Wraps

As a nail product junkie, I was obviously intrigued by the advert starring Myleene Klass (british tv presenter/musician), promoting the latest nail wraps. I have tried a few and love them, especially zebra print, but realised that it's a lot to pay when you compare the price to a bottle of nail varnish - something you can use over and over again. 
So, I took to ebay and found an international seller, fashionladyclub who provides a pattern to suit everyone and for only £0.99! I purchased A1 (glitter) and A3 (checked).
Having tried them, it's clear that the quality isn't as good but I think these are a great value for money! I always apply a top and base coat, for extra 'hold', and so far they have lasted just like any other nail varnish would. They are fun and quirky, and I think they still look good.  They are also a great way of trying nail wraps out, without breaking the bank. If you're unsure as to whether they are your thing, or think you would mess the application up (they are quite easy and simple to use), then definitely try these! 

Have you tried nail wraps? What do you think of them?

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Anonymous said...

I cannot use nail wraps to save my life but i love the ones you tried- gorgeous colours! x

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