Thursday, 28 June 2012

A-Z of Samantha

The weather today is craaazy! What is it with Britain going from hot to cold, to torrential rain with thunder and lightening. Sometimes, I'd love to live somewhere predictable! Anyway, after some internet browsing, I saw this tag on Charlotte's blog (a recovery/life blog) and thought I'd give it a go as I'm really quite bored! I challenge all of you to do this too - leave a comment letting me know so I can get to know you better too! :-)
I'm 18 years old - and I actually quite like being this age!

Bed Size:
Double at the moment :-) Although, when I get to uni (hopefully) I'm sure it'll be a single.

Chore you Hate:
Putting the washing out on the line.. takes forever!

I personally don't own any, nor do I know much about them. But basically, I like anything small.. ha!

Essential start of your day: 
Two coffee's! I am a caffeine addict, fact.

Favourite Colour:
I really like orange!

Gold or Silver:
Silver :)

5 ft 5 Inches

Instruments I play:
I play the saxophone and clarinet.. or at least I used too!

Job Title:
Sexy sales assistant ;-)

Who'd have 'em? :P

Midlands (that's all you need to know haha)

Mum's name:

I don't actually have one! Although, my Step-dad calls me piglet?

Pet Peeve:
People not putting things away or cleaning up after themselves!!

Quote from a movie:
'That's why her hair's so big.. it's full of secrets'

Right or left handed:

I have a younger brother and an older stepsister (if you're counting her?)

Time you wake up:
Um, at the moment - whenever I feel like it! Usually between 9 and 10am

Something pretty with lace!

Vegetables you dislike:

What makes you run late:
If my hair doesn't sit exactly how I want it, then I won't leave the house until it does

X-rays you've had done:

Yummy food you make:
I don't really cook!

Zoo animal:
I really like puffins. They are cute :-)

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