Thursday, 7 June 2012

Topshop: Nail Varnish

Colour - AWOL 

After recently watching a video and noticing Zoe's (Zoella) nail varnish, I just had to purchase it! As I live in a fairly small town, the topshop that we have doesn't sell make up, so I had to buy it on the internet - fortunately, I had a free delivery code! I have to say, I absolutely love even the packaging, it's beyond cute! As for the polish, what isn't there to like? The colour is a lovely, typical sailor blue, and is really bold and bright. It also applies really well too, especially for £5. I was a little cautious of buying this, as I am a bit of a Nails Inc and OPI snob, but I'll definitely be investing in more! 

Have you tried topshop's nail varnish? Which are your favourite colours?


Lucy said...

I always love Zoella's nail polish! Did you see her cute pug nails?
I really want to try Hidden Treasure :)

Lucy x

Samantha Betteridge said...

It is always lovely! I did, they were adorable :') I really love the glittery ones, like razzmatazz :)xx

Jenni Lee said...

Blue is my favorite for nail color, on fingers that is. Red for toes! This is a beautiful blue, looks great on you!!!

Samantha Betteridge said...

Aw bless, thank you!

Taylor Cornwell said...

Love the colour, definitely going on my wishlist!
Maybe you could take a look at my blog and follow me, I've followed you xx

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