Friday, 1 June 2012


I am officially going nuts! All I have done is revise everyday, for 6 hours - and I still have 2 weeks before the first exam. Someone shoot me!
I say this now, but I know it'll sooooo be worth it when I get the results I need for university - which can't come sooner. I want to go NOW. However, today I've hit a brick wall and am procrastinating like crazy. This usually means my bank balance takes a good beating - and yes, I've managed to succeed. Oh well, nice new jumper and nail polish coming to me very soon! 

On a side note - how lovely are the topshop nail polishes? I have seen and heard many reviews about them, and recently watched Louise and Zoe's make up tutorial and immediately fell in love with the AWOL blue polish that Zoe is wearing! (
Does anyone else have a favourite colour? I clearly need more distractions ;-)
Oh - and good luck to everyone who is sitting their A-levels and GCSE's at the moment! It'll be worth it in the end..


Unknown said...

Cute blog! New follower from the blog hop!
Come visit me over at:

OR (my school blog!)

xoxo -Shar

Unknown said...

Found you on Friday Blog Hop, and thought I'd say hi as I can't seem to follow you at the mo???

Good Luck with your Exams xxx

whatiknownow said...

That's really strange :/ I'll see if I can get it working!
And thank you :) xxx

Ellie said...

Another one here from the Friday Blog Hop, and fellow fan of Sprinkleofglitter and Zoella :)

Lovely blog, good luck with your exams, and don't worry the hard work pays off in the end lol xx

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