Saturday, 9 June 2012

Nails Inc Lucky Dip

Westminister, Chelsea

Paddington, Culross Street
Old Park Lane, New Burlington Place
Earlier this week, I posted a blog on the Nails Inc lucky dip that was available over the Jubilee Weekend, and this morning I received my parcel! With having no idea about which colours I'd receive, I thought they'd be colours that no one likes but I am pleasantly surprised. I absolutely adore New Burlington Place, which is a lovely rose gold colour! Definitely worth the £15 that I paid for them :-)

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LauraMck said...

All these nail polishes are gorgeous, have my eye on Old Park Lane xx

whatiknownow said...

Thank you, it is lovely!
Shall take a look at your blog too xx

Maiken said...

hehe, we have the same favourite here. I would absolutely wear it on my toenails (my manicurist does my fingernails) and I bet it would look fabulous in bright sunshine ;)

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