Friday, 22 June 2012

Nail Heaven

As I've officially left school, and my Mum had the day off, she really wanted to spend a day with me. Me - having just finished school, wanted to do quite literally nothing but was forced into going out. We came to a mutual agreement of going to the Trafford Centre as neither of us had been before.
I have to admit, I wasn't overly impressed with it - it's just a shopping centre. I don't really know what I expected but it didn't seem all that it was cracked up to be. Nevertheless, there were shops, and I guess that's all a girl needs! Neither of us actually bought much, we didn't need anything really and nothing caught our fancy in clothes shops. BUT, because we come from a small town, when we found the Nails Inc section in Debenhams, we both died and went to nail heaven.
Naturally, I couldn't leave without making a purchase.. or two! I am partial to a bit of glitter, and have been looking at them all for ages online, but I don't like buying colours online because you can't really see them properly. I think I annoyed the hell out of the sales assistant because I asked her to find testers for about 7 polishes, all of which I tried on my own nails! Eventually, after narrowing it down to 3, I really couldn't choose, so my Mum said she'd buy one, leaving me to pick one other. We went for blue and green ;-)
Royal Arcade & Piccadilly Arcade
Have you been to the Trafford Centre? Do you like it?


Jenni said...

I love looking at pictures of spectrums!

whatiknownow said...

Me too! I was completely mesmerized haha :-)

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