Saturday, 30 June 2012

How thoughtful?

Yesterday, I received a lovely little packet from the postman, and in it was a beautiful bracelet made by a very special and thoughtful girl: Amy-Louise. I haven't known her for long at all, so for her to take the time to make such a personal bracelet for me, really cheered me up and left me feeling more positive about recovery. She added a little fish, to remind me that I can recover, and personalised it with my name.
I know it's only a small thing to do, but I am so thankful and grateful of how kind and generous this girl has been! I have had a smile on my face for at least two days (something new!) and a bigger sense of hope for my future. I am beginning to love Amy-Louise! She is one of the best things to have come my way in a while, and I can't thank her enough xxx

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