Friday, 15 June 2012

First exam done!

Well, I officially never have to listen to Benjamin Britten, John Tavener or Vaughan Williams again as my music A-level is completely finished! I am so happy - just hoping I've done enough now. I'm sure I've done fine, I mean I wrote 8 pages and did my best with the listening, but you know when you get that nagging feeling afterwards?
I only need a C in music to get into university - I just wish it wasn't so subjective! If the examiner hates your composition, you get an E. If he loves it, you can an A - it's all the luck of the draw. Same with your performance.. what someone likes, someone else might hate!
I'm just going to forget about the whole thing now and focus on the last 2 exams. I'm sure I've done fine and this is just me doubting my ability, like I usually do!

How did you do in exams? Did you doubt yourself afterwards?

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