Friday, 27 April 2012

Show time!

On the 16th May, I will be appearing in my musical society's annual summer show. This time, I have the solo's I've always dreamed of singing, the duets I've always wanted. I absolutely love performing, more than anything else I can think of but part of me is fearing I won't actually manage to get through the week.
Show week is usually exciting, nerve racking, confidence boosting and amazing, all in one. For those of you that perform, you'll know how all of that actually wears you right out. You can eat crap all week, and still lose weight because it requires so much energy. It can be truly exhausting.
So, here's my problem. I'm already exhausted. I have no energy. So how am I supposed to perform every night and deliver a performance that is fun packed and energy filled? My biggest fear, is actually collapsing - which is obviously, not good! Thing is, if I don't perform to my self set standard, I'll punish myself even more. Even coffee isn't picking me up any more - maybe those diet energy drinks will be worth a shot?
And here's the other thing. Part of me can't believe I'm even contemplating diet energy drinks. Part of me just wants, nothing more than to enjoy what will be my last show before university. I know I will just be shattered all week though.
I really wish I wasn't like this

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