Saturday, 17 March 2012

How much do you weigh?

We all know that calling someone 'fat' or 'chubby' is an insult. It's not acceptable to go around insulting someone who is clearly overweight. I would never do it, and neither would most people. We can think what we like, but most people know it's wrong to hurt someone's feelings. No one like's to receive an insult on their appearance, do they?
So, why is telling someone they're too thin, acceptable? It's exactly the same as telling someone they're too fat, yet people think it's absolutely OK. Do people think it doesn't affect them in the same way it would a fat person?  I can assure you, it's exactly the same. It's embarrassing, hurtful and quite upsetting.
I'm sure you're all thinking 'How would she know?' but I used to be the fat girl. I wasn't really a victim of verbal abuse but still hated my figure. I hated how my friends would look gorgeous in their tiny shorts and crop tops, or how they seemed to eat what they wanted and not gain a pound. Obviously, I did something about it. Only god knows how, but I actually receive more hurtful comments, now that I'm considerably lighter.
'You're too thin'
'Stop losing weight now'
'I can see your bones'
'I'm worried'
Are only some of the comments people think it's acceptable to air. The funny thing is, these people never said
'You're too fat'
'Stop putting on weight'
'I can see your fat rolls'
'I'm worried'
Sure, it's not easy now. And, yes, I'm incredibly cautious but it's my business as to what I eat. I don't tell people what they should/shouldn't eat, so why do people feel the need to express their opinions all of the time. Nobody stopped me shovelling the 10 chocolate bars down my face.
Why is this any different?

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