24 Questions!

Friday, 30 March 2012

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I have just broken up from 6th form, for the Easter break, and I'm already bored! So, I thought I'd do the about me questions that are floating around on youtube :-) Here goes..

1.Do you have a middle name?
Yes, I do. It's Louise, and apparently it should have been my first name but my Mum couldn't be bothered to argue!

2. What was your favourite subject in school?
I'm still there, so at the moment it's Psychology. At GCSE, it was probably Art.

3. What's your favourite drink?

Pepsi Max :-)

4. Favourite song at the moment?

I am a huge musical fan and I'm singing 'Fabulous Baby!' from Sister Act in a show soon - so, it's probably that.

5. What would you name your children?

I don't know that I want children but if I had a girl, Phoebe and I have no idea if I had a boy!

6. Do you participate in any sports?

Um, I'm not sure as either of these count, but I dance in shows? And I like to run.

7. Favourite Book?

I don't have a favourite book, but my favourite author is Jodi Picoult. I love all of her books.

8. Favourite Colour?

Purple :-)

9. Favourite Animal?

I am not an animal lover at all! Can I have an actual animal? If so, it's my friend's dog, Scamp. But, I wouldn't say I'm a dog lover!

10. Favourite perfume?

Daisy - Marc Jacobs. I looooove that smell!

11. Favourite holiday?

Not sure whether it was a 'holiday' but it was a school trip to Paris. I really enjoyed that!

12. Have you graduated High School?

Nope, I leave in a few months.

13. Have you been out of the Country?

Yep, quite a few times.

14. Do you speak any other Languages?

No! I did GCSE German - cheated in my coursework, cheated in my oral exam and did foundation for the rest. I got a B but I can't speak a word of German!

15. Do you have any siblings?

I do. I have a younger brother and an older Step-sister.

16. What's your favourite store?

At the moment, probably River Island.

17. Favourite Restaurant?

I don't eat out very often, but my all time favourite is Oriental Pearl.

18. Do you like school?

Yeah, it's ok. However, I am counting down the days until I leave now!

19. Favourite YouTubers?

Charlotte from Magicalcharlotte and Sorted food :-)

20. Favourite Movie?

Charlie and Chocolate Factory - maybe. I don't really watch films.

21. Favourite TV show?

I don't think I have one. I tend to watch the best thing that's on at the time.

22. Pc or Mac?


23. What phone do you have?

A blackberry :-) I would be lost without this phone!

24. How tall are you?

I'm 5ft 5.

And that's it! Hopefully now you know me a little better. If you have some spare time, why not complete these too? 
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Lip Balm Love!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

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I really have no idea what possessed me to type 'Vaseline' into Ebay a few weeks ago, but I'm so glad I did because today, my new 'limited edition creme brulee' Vaseline arrived! It was at this point, I realised I own way too many lip balms, and thought while it's sunny, I'll sit in my garden and show you them :-)

Firstly, I keep most of them in this tin, which is a lovely gift I had for Christmas. It's just the right size and very appropriate given the circumstances ;-)

There are two items from the Mandarin Spa - one in coconut and one in vanilla (I have another somewhere in passionfruit - which is gorgeous!).
The red one is a tropical David & Goliath lip jelly, which is the most moisturising balm I have ever used!
I have absolutely no idea what the other two are, but the purse is cherry flavoured, and the blue tube is a health balm! (not sure what they were trying to say when they gave me that!)

These ones, as you can probably guess, are all body shop balms. The worn out one is Cranberry, which was a Christmas flavour. And then I have Passionfruit, Mango and Strawberry. I absolutely love the smell of body shop products, which is probably why I kept buying them as I don't really think they do much for your lips! However, the smell is definitely worth it ;-)

And last but not least, are my actual Vaseline pots! For a long time, the Aloe Vera was my ultimate favourite, and I probably have a little green pot in every room on my house. But, the big tin I had for Christmas came with the four flavours; Aloe Vera, Original, Rose and Cocoa. I now absolutely love the Cocoa but seem to save it for special occasions (god knows why?). And then, I stumbled across the Creme Brulee, which I just had to buy! I haven't used it yet, but it smells amazing!

Clearly, I have enough lip balm to last me a lifetime, but if anyone has any suggestions, I guess trying those out won't hurt me! So, what is your favourite lip balm?

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I'll only push you away

Thursday, 22 March 2012

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Every time I need to talk to someone, I cut off the people that care. Like last night, I really, really, really wanted to be cheered up by one person in particular. So, when they text me, any normal person would take the opportunity to tell them what's wrong - not me! I just tell them to have a good day, which is basically ending the conversation. Maybe I just think they're too busy to actually listen, or they don't actually care or that they just text me in the first place, because they thought they should.
I'd just rather not ruin their day and put a huge black cloud above their head. They have a life of their own and never come to me when they need help/advice, so why should I expect anything from them? I also know they won't have any answers and probably won't fully understand - so why bother explaining when I'll just be told 'cheer up, it'll be ok'. I can't do anything with that, and I can tell myself that which is probably why I choose to keep everything to myself. 
I also don't even know if I can trust them. I mean, the other day I was in the theatre when their partner asks what I'm going to study at university - I tell them Psychology.
'How ironic! You'll be your own case study'
Oh, thanks for that! That has really made me feel great. Maybe keeping things to yourself is the best option.
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Monday, 19 March 2012

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1661. That's the number of words I have written for my English coursework. I need 3000 - so why is it I am doing everything but write the rest? I do this every time something has to be done. I've already had about 2 months to do this. Could have handed in drafts and received feedback so alterations could have been made. But no. I would rather live life on the edge, and hand something in at last minute, that can't be changed. I have even done housework and sort my room out because it means not writing this essay. I swear I have no imagination, nor inspiration, so it will be awful anyway. Why bother when you don't actually know what you're doing? 

I only have one more week. 
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How much do you weigh?

Saturday, 17 March 2012

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We all know that calling someone 'fat' or 'chubby' is an insult. It's not acceptable to go around insulting someone who is clearly overweight. I would never do it, and neither would most people. We can think what we like, but most people know it's wrong to hurt someone's feelings. No one like's to receive an insult on their appearance, do they?
So, why is telling someone they're too thin, acceptable? It's exactly the same as telling someone they're too fat, yet people think it's absolutely OK. Do people think it doesn't affect them in the same way it would a fat person?  I can assure you, it's exactly the same. It's embarrassing, hurtful and quite upsetting.
I'm sure you're all thinking 'How would she know?' but I used to be the fat girl. I wasn't really a victim of verbal abuse but still hated my figure. I hated how my friends would look gorgeous in their tiny shorts and crop tops, or how they seemed to eat what they wanted and not gain a pound. Obviously, I did something about it. Only god knows how, but I actually receive more hurtful comments, now that I'm considerably lighter.
'You're too thin'
'Stop losing weight now'
'I can see your bones'
'I'm worried'
Are only some of the comments people think it's acceptable to air. The funny thing is, these people never said
'You're too fat'
'Stop putting on weight'
'I can see your fat rolls'
'I'm worried'
Sure, it's not easy now. And, yes, I'm incredibly cautious but it's my business as to what I eat. I don't tell people what they should/shouldn't eat, so why do people feel the need to express their opinions all of the time. Nobody stopped me shovelling the 10 chocolate bars down my face.
Why is this any different?
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First ever haul!

Friday, 16 March 2012

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I don't live in a very big town, so when my step-sister offers to drive to a shopping centre, I can't get in the car fast enough! As I always enjoy reading/watching other people's hauls, I thought that maybe I'd enjoy doing one - so here goes!

I have recently joined the quest to achieve perfect skin (and teeth!). My skin isn't bad, but I would like a healthy glow, so I picked up a few bits and bobs that will hopefully give me a flawless finish? Ha! Who am I kiddin'!?
Pearl drops - Poundland
Simple face wash/ Simple face wipes/ Simple moisturiser -  Thomson (giving away free with certain deals!)
Clearasil overnight lotion - Superdrug
Clean & Clear deep action cream wash - Superdrug
Simple spot zapper - Superdrug
Face wipes - Primark
I don't live near a Primark, so I have to stock up when I get the chance!

Then, I found these two bags - one for my make up (as my old one broke) and one for smaller events. I don't go to many, but I'll tell myself I needed it anyway ;)

Both bags - Primark

Obviously, a girl can't go shopping without picking up some new clothes/accessories! And, with spring just around the corner, it was the perfect excuse. 
Dress - H&M
Top - Primark
Ring - Primark
Who can resist a nautical statement piece?

Finally, I bought three items of make up. I absolutely love nail polish so when someone came into work the other day with the most beautiful nail polish on, I just had to know what it was! I have also read a lot of raving reviews on the other two products, so thought I'd give them a whirl! I must say, after using these for only two days, I can see what the hype is about. A lipstick that retail's for only £1 and is as creamy as MAC, gets my vote every time!

Rimmel Lycra Pro Colour Memory Nail Polish in Ultra Violet - Superdrug
MUA Lipstick Shade 3 - Superdrug
Natural Collection Cover Up Cream in fair - Boots

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Do we actually care?

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

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I have recently finished reading 'Sing You Home' by Jodi Picoult - who I must say, I'm absolutely loving at the moment! Although I thought the story was good (I won't go into detail as some of you may actually want to read it), it was actually the sub plot that caught my attention the most.

Long story, short - this storyline followed a suicidal teenage girl through her music therapy sessions. She began to form a close bond with her therapist and actually assumed they were friends because the therapist 'cared' about her. Even though the therapist did care about her, she was soon reminded that the therapist was just that, a therapist. So, this actually leaves me with some unanswered questions!

  1. Can we ever really believe someone when they say 'I care about you'? 
  2. Do we care about people, or do we just do the right thing?
I know I should just be happy/grateful/pleased when someone tells me they care about me - but you only ever seem to be 'cared' about, when there is a problem. If you're fine (or seem fine), people don't usually seem too bothered about what you're doing with your life, and they let you get on with it. How many people do you lose touch with when your life is dandy? 

I am aware of how cynical this sounds, but when you stop and think, surely there is some logic in there somewhere? Maybe it's just me, so I would love to hear what you think too!

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Let's start!

Friday, 9 March 2012

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Hello there!
After a long time of uuming and ahhing, I have finally decided to set up my own blog. A space that is utterly dedicated to my opinions, life and any other random thought I think may be worth writing about! Hopefully, my ramblings will make at least someone laugh - and with that, I shall be happy :-)
But, simply because I've been getting frustrated with this site as I'm a useless editor, I shall make this first post short and sweet!

Bye for now!

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